If you have Paypal use that to pay Me first. If for some reason you don’t have Paypal and live in the United States I accept Tribute/Gift (but not store item purchase) payments through Google Wallet too. It’s fast and easy, bitches. Even if you’ve never used it before. Just make sure to read All the instructions below before sending so you don’t fuck up. 

Google Wallet Payment Steps

1. Go to Google Wallet and sign in to the upper right with whatever gmail addy you want associated with your Google Wallet account.

2. Fill out the secure debit/credit card form to the right. At the bottom of the form, Sign In to Your Google Wallet

3. Click Send Money. Enter My email address, Masterdompdx@gmail.com. Then enter one of the amounts below: 

$199 – Minimal Devotion

$499 – Basic Devotion

$999 – Superior Devotion

$4,999 – Supreme Devotion

4. In the Subject/Message Write Only “Tribute/Donation” and nothing else. This isn’t the place for messages of praise, bitches. You can do that next …

Next Steps 

1. After hitting “Send” then write and send Me an email directly to Masterdompdx@gmail.com. In the Subject Line write “Tribute/Google Wallet.” In the body of the email address include:

2. What Email Address you used on Google Wallet to make your Tribute.

3. What Email Address you want to register under on my Training Site.

4. Your desired User Name.

5. Your desired Password for log in.

6. Your Age and Location.

Once I have received this information I will create an account/profile for you, if applicable, then email you at your preferred site registration email with sign-in information. This may take up to 24 Hours, though usually only takes a few hours. 

Too stupid to figure it out? Then Contact Me.

By Using this website and paying tribute/donations, or making purchases, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and have both read and agree to the MasterTrib.com Terms & Conditions.