is The Master’s official online store and Tribute/Gift Payment Portal. 


Audio & Ebooks

I offer unique, specialty high octane audios and ebooks that defy description and which I’ve specifically designed to stimulate, motivate, inspire and transform the minds and lives of fags.


For the very best in Master Approved gear go to My Affiliate Site: The Faggot Store.

In the future I will also be adding specialty FM brand clothing, gear and other items here too. 


Remember: Unlike Audio, Ebooks and Gear, Tribute/Gifts aren’t an exchange but are non-refundable donations to Me in support of My great Work. I may “Thank You” for Tribute with free ebooks, audios, or even an invitation to My site. But that’s always at My own discretion and whim. 


Currently I only accept payments through Paypal or, if you are in the US, Google Wallet (For Tribute/Gift Payments ONLY).

For Google Wallet Instructions Go Here

If you have questions Contact Me.


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